SF Gateway Author of the Month: Redux

With last week being dominated by the terrible news about Iain Banks, we felt it only fair to give Author of the Month, Gordon R. Dickson, a second outing on the blog. So, please forgive the repetition, but here is the post again in full . . .

We appear to be some 25% through 2013 already. If we keep using it up at this rate, it’ll be gone soon after Christmas – come on, people, a little care and conservation here! Still, if we are, as seems irrefutable, already in April, then it must be all change on the SF Gateway home page, again.

Thus far, in our now-established Author of the Month slot, we’ve paid tribute to the late, great Harry Harrison and the ridiculously-talented Sheri S. Tepper. Our third spotlight now falls on a Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of novels, short stories and all forms in between: Gordon R. Dickson.

Like March’s Author of the Month, Sheri S. Tepper, Gordon R. Dickson was equally at home with either SF or Fantasy. Although much of his work falls unambiguously into the science fiction category – including his signature work, the Dorsai! series – Dickson received a World Fantasy Award nomination, and won the British Fantasy Award, for The Dragon and the George, a secondary world fantasy, which built into a nine book sequence over the next quarter of a century.

In addition to the Dorsai! books – also known as the Childe Cycle – Dickson wrote over three dozen other SF novels, some in collaboration with fellow SF legends such as Poul Anderson and Harry Harrison. Along with Robert A. Heinlein‘s Starship Troopers, the Dorsai! novels are acknowledged as being a key progenitor of military science fiction.

There are currently forty-eight titles by Gordon R. Dickson available as SF Gateway eBooks, with more in production or checking – and for this month only, every individual title* will be available at the popular price of £2.99!

We hope that this special price will persuade readers unfamiliar with Gordon R. Dickson‘s work to give him a try (see his SF Gateway author page for recommended titles to start with) and persuade those who already count themselves fans to try some of his less well-known titles.


Please note that, for the moment at least, this is a UK-only promotion. It may eventually be taken up by our colleagues in other markets, but we’re test-driving it in the UK for now.


* N.B. The Dorsai! eBook Collection will remain at its usual price of £14.99 – which already lower than £2.99 per title.