Coming Soon to SF Gateway!

This Friday, 30th November, sees the publication of a number of eBook ‘Boxed Sets’, which we’ve designed to serve as an introduction to some major series and authors. We’re calling them – with what we’re sure you’ll agree is disarming modesty – the Gateway Collections, and you can expect to find . . .

Dorsai!: The Gateway Collection | Gordon R. Dickson
Dumarest: The Gateway Collection | E.C. Tubb
Dune: The Gateway Collection | Frank Herbert
Gor: The Gateway Collection | John Norman
The Stainless Steel Rat: The Gateway Collection | Harry Harrison

. . . all of which will contain the first six books of the respective series, and:

Sheri S. Tepper: The Gateway Collection, which contains two complete trilogies to serve as an introduction to the author’s work – the ‘Marianne’ and ‘Mavin’ trilogies.


Each collection contains six eBooks for the price of five, and will be available from your usual eBook retailers.


Please note: these titles will not show up on the site until Friday