Michael Moorcock

SFX Book Club: The Stars My Destination

Gully Foyle is my name And Terra is my nation. Deep space is my dwelling space, The stars my destination. Current SF Master work of the Week is one of the all-time great works of […]

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On This Day: John Dee

We find ourselves in conflicted times – Manichean days, where battle lines are routinely drawn and in all walks of life, it seems, we must choose: are you with us, or agin us? Are you […]

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The Michael Moorcock Collection: An Inside View

As posted last week on the Gollancz blog, we’re delighted to hand today’s post over to the estimable John Davey, who has been undertaking the mammoth task of producing the definitive editions of Michael Moorcock’s […]

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New Book of the Week: The Jewel in the Skull

You might notice something familiar about our current New Book of the Week. I mean besides the fact that it’s one of the most best-known books from one of the most famous fantasy authors of […]

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New Book of the Week: An Alien Heat

Our New Book of the Week is the first part of Michael Moorcock’s extraordinary The Dancers at the End of Time sequence: An Alien Heat. Of course, we recommend the entire trilogy, but we’ve only […]

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August New Releases

August is a bumper month for SF Gateway! Whatever that means. We’re appending ourselves to the front and rear of automobiles? Jimmy Anderson, James Pattinson and Dale Steyn are all lining up to bowl short […]

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More Moorcock

We apologised a little while ago, for the delay in bringing you the eBook editions of our fantastic definitive versions of the works of Michael Moorcock. We apologised for the delay, of course, but not […]

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Michael Moorcock Suggested Reading List

SF Gateway Editorial Note: the following article was originally posted on the Gollancz blog and refers primarily to the print editions of the Michael Moorcock Collection. Unfortunately, the eBooks have proven to be more complicated […]

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Readers’ Choice: The Fall of Chronopolis

This week’s Readers’ Choice selection comes from Friend of the Gateway and (clearly!) aficionado of great classic SF, Starman Dave. His choice is The Fall of Chronopolis by the criminally-under-appreciated Barrington J. Bayley**. The mighty […]

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Happy Birthday, Barrington J. Bayley

Thanks (once again) to the wonders of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction‘s excellent On This Day function, we can tell you that seventy-six years ago today Barrington J. Bayley was born. It may be an […]

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SF Gateway Welcomes Michael Moorcock!

After what seems a lifetime (waiting to publish a living legend is worse than relativity for messing with your perception of time!) but is in fact only about six months ago, we announced a comprehensive […]

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So, You Mentioned Something About Michael Moorcock …

Why yes we did. Last autumn we announced the very exciting news that we would be publishing the legendary Michael Moorcock‘s complete SF/Fantasy oeuvre. And the time is fast approaching when we’ll see the first […]

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