More Moorcock

We apologised a little while ago, for the delay in bringing you the eBook editions of our fantastic definitive versions of the works of Michael Moorcock.

We apologised for the delay, of course, but not for the extra care we’re taking to make sure we have the best possible eBooks available. A lot of work has gone into making these editions the ultimate collector’s items for fans of the great man – corrections carefully compiled over the years by Michael Moorcock and series editor John Davey have been incorporated, author’s preferred text instituted, favoured illustrations restored, internal chronology perfected (well, as much as it can be given the nature of the multiverse!), and we wanted to make sure this attention is also paid to the eBooks.

Now we’re beginning to see the fruits of our labours. Last week (the 15th, to be precise) we published the three volumes that make up The Dancers at the End of TimeAn Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands & The End of all Songs. And tomorrow we publish the first three books of Corum: The Knight of the SwordsThe Queen of the SwordsThe King of the Swords, which together comprise Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe.

The seven books of Hawkmoon, the first two Elric volumes and Gloriana; or, The Unfulfill’d Queen will not be far behind.

We are absolutely delighted to be Michael Moorcock‘s publishers and to be able to make his work available in digital editions. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed working on them.

Michael Moorcock‘s eBooks can be found via his author page on the SF Gateway and his print books on the Orion website.  You can read more about him in his entry at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction or at his website,