SF Gateway Welcomes Michael Moorcock!

After what seems a lifetime (waiting to publish a living legend is worse than relativity for messing with your perception of time!) but is in fact only about six months ago, we announced a comprehensive deal with Michael Moorcock to publish all of his SF & fantasy works in new, definitive editions.

Today, we are delighted to say, is the day it all begins! Publishing today will be Gollancz paperback editions of Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe and the three novels make up the Elric: The Moonbeam Roads sequence: Daughter of Dreams, Destiny’s Brother and Son of the Wolf.

Also publishing as SF Gateway eBooks are Daughter of Dreams, Destiny’s Brother and Son of the Wolf, as well as the two Jerry Cornell novels, The Chinese Agent and The Russian Intelligence; these last two will only be available as eBooks.

Unfortunately, owing to differences in the eBook editions and the printed omnibus, the three books comprising Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe (The Knight of the SwordsThe Queen of the Swords and The King of the Swords) will not be published until May. This will also be the case for the books published in April. We’re confident that the processes will speed up once our suppliers have a few more eBooks under their belt but, for the first few months, the eBooks will lag a little behind the print editions. We’re sorry for this delay, but these are the definitive editions of Michael Moorcock’s work and we want to make sure we’ve got them just right.

And to add some context to this new iteration of Michael Moorcock’s extraordinary body of work, we direct your attention to a fascinating interview with the man himself, in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Enjoy!

Happy reading!