But Will I Like It: Dragonflight

And just to prove – if proof were necessary! – that SF Gateway is friend to all classic SF, whether we publish it or not, here’s a mini-review of Dragonflight by the late, great Anne McCaffrey . . .

Dragonflight is science fiction, not fantasy. In the distant future on Pern people live in a medieval world of Holders, Crafters and farmers. Their fortress Holds are guarded by watch-whers, a few troops and their overlords, the Holders. The Holders resent the tithes they are expected pay to the Dragonriders. Dragons protect them all from the threads that fall from the Red Star, but no threads have fallen in 400 years. Who needs dragons anymore?

Dragonflight is brilliant science fiction. It has a strong plot, strong characters, strong emotions, telepathic- teleporting- fire-breathing dragons in a believable medieval world.

And it hasn’t dated by a day since it was written.