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Galactic Journey: Naked to the Stars

It should be no secret to regular readers that we at SF Gateway are big fans of Galactic Journey. For newcomers: this is the journal of an intrepid time traveller, reviewing the 1960′s SF magazines […]

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From the Archives: In Praise of . . . the Locus Guide to Science Fiction Awards

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve published a lot of books over the year-and-a-half SF Gateway has been live. We’ve certainly noticed it – you don’t publish 1,800 books by more than 150 authors without becoming […]

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Entirely Random Friday

It’s possible that we may have mentioned, on occasion, in passing, our huge respect and admiration for The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. The SFE is, as every right-thinking sentient being should know by now, the […]

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Fantasy Faction Sci-Fi Book Club

We’ve just noticed that the excellent Fantasy Faction‘s Sci-Fi Book Club choice for May is none other than Frank Herbert‘s epic Dune. Frequently topping polls of the best/most popular SF novel of all time, Herbert’s […]

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