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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

C L Moore

Catherine Lucille Moore (1911-1987) was a US writer, and collaborator with Henry Kuttner whom she married in 1940, and with whom she had collaborated since 1937. Before her intimate working association with Kuttner, she had, however, already achieved fame with her first story, "Shambleau" for Weird Tales in November 1933, a femme fatale tale of a psychic Vampire set on a Planetary Romance version of Mars. She continued during the 1930s to chronicle the exploits of its hero Northwest Smith, much of the series being first assembled in Shambleau and Others (coll 1953) and five in Northwest of Earth (coll 1954). The Northwest Smith tales assembled in these two volumes were eventually included in Scarlet Dream (coll of linked stories 1981; vt Northwest Smith 1982); long-uncollected stories about Smith, including "Nymph of Darkness" (April 1935 Fantasy Magazine) with Forrest J Ackerman, "Quest of the Starstone" (November 1937 Weird Tales) with Henry Kuttner and "Werewoman" (Winter 1938 Leaves), were eventually assembled in Northwest of Earth: The Complete Northwest Smith (2007). The remaining stories in Moore's two 1950s collections – comprising the first Sword-and-Sorcery series to feature a female Hero, Jirel of Joiry – were eventually assembled as Jirel of Joiry (coll of linked stories 1969; vt Black God's Shadow 1977). Jirel also appears in the Northwest Smith story "Quest of the Starstone" (November 1937 Weird Tales), Moore's first collaboration with Kuttner.

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