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    Grand Master Ursula K. Le Guin's debut novel – and her first foray into the Hainish universe
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    Winner of both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for best novel


SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin (born 1929) is a US author, based in Portland, Oregon. Her first novel was published in 1966; by 1970 she was already recognized as one of the most important writers within the field. Her reputation has extended far beyond the readership of Genre SF, while within the genre she has been honoured with five Hugos and six Nebulas. Le Guin is the daughter of Dr Alfred Louis Kroeber (1876-1960) and Theodora Kroeber (1897-1979), the former a celebrated anthropologist who published much work on Native Americans, the latter a writer best known for Ishi in Two Worlds (1961). Le Guin was thus brought up in academic surroundings; her own education, including a master's degree from Columbia, was in Romance Literatures of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly French. She wrote Poetry – collected in several volumes beginning with Wild Angels (coll 1975 chap) – and a number of unpublished realistic novels, mostly set in an imaginary Central European country, before turning to SF . . .

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