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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Judith Moffett

Judith Moffett (born 1942) is a US writer and academic, a professor with the University of Pennsylvania since 1979. She was first active as a poet before turning to sf with an ape-as-human tale, "Surviving", for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in June 1986, later assembled with "Not without Honor" (May 1989 Asimov's) as Two that Came True (coll 1991). With her first novel, Pennterra (1987), she came into immediate prominence, partly because of the rousing sexual explicitness of some scenes between humans and the pheromone-emitting Hrossa, a mysterious group-mind species named – oddly, given C S Lewis's prurient distaste for sexual material – after one of the Martian races in Out of the Silent Planet (1938). Having escaped a terminally polluted Earth, a party of Quakers has landed on the planet Pennterra and been permitted restricted residence on condition that they do not breed indiscriminately, attempt to claim further territory, or introduce invasive Technologies. All goes well until a second human expedition arrives with no intention of changing any of the behaviour which has ruined humanity's first home . . .

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