In Praise of . . . Good Show Sir

No man is an island, Entire of itself

John Donne

The internet is, among many other things, an ecosystem.  No site exists in isolation; articles are written, responses posted, rebuttals made, points elaborated upon, and so it goes: , the endless conversation of the interwebs.

The SF Gateway is no different to any other site. We rely on some sites for authoritative information, on others for inspiration and still others for entertainment. In what will have to pass for a New Year’s resolution (in the absence of anything else that remotely resembles a commitment requiring willpower or abstinence), we have decided that the right thing to do is to pay tribute, over the coming months, to the sites that help inform, inspire and amuse us.  The first of these sites that we’d like to both publicly thank and heartily recommend is the excellent Good Show Sir, which we’ve previously praised on Twitter.

Your daily dose of bad* sci-fi books covers from yesteryear, Good Show Sir is a treasure trove of ‘What were they thinking?!’ goodness, which manages to blend amusement, mickey-taking and nostalgia without ever losing respect and affection for these old classics – the titles of many of which visitors to this blog might well recognise. Yesterday’s offering, for example, was Kenneth Bulmer‘s City Under the Sea (we break for a quick word from our sponsor: City Under the Sea is also available as an SF Gateway eBook). Behold the cover in all its glory!

Marvellous.  You can visit the website at, follow them on Twitter and/or like their Facebook page. Thank you, GoodShowSir – long may you continue bringing us the best of the worst!



* Sometimes so-bad-they’re-good; other times … you know … just bad.