SF Masterwork of the Week: Dying Inside

We have already featured this week’s Masterwork of the Week, back in March last year, however as we’re determined to make the most of Robert Silverberg’s status as Author of the Month – as well […]

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Author of the Month: Robert Silverberg

Here’s a question guaranteed to spark robust discussions (if not outright arguments) in the bar at your next convention: who is the best science fiction writer in the world? Tough one, isn’t it? Not least […]

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From the Attic VI: The 2014 Nebula Award for Best Novel

The Nebula Awards are presented annually by the SF Writers of America in four categories, Novel, Novella, Novellette and Short Story.  This year’s awards will be announced on the weekend of 16-17th May.  I know […]

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SF Gateway: the Nebula Winners

We’ve looked at the BSFA and Arthur C. Clarke Awards for best novel and now, with the Nebula Weekend fast approaching (May 15-18), we thought we’d look at the best novel prize awarded each year […]

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Fantasy Masterwork of the Week: The Falling Woman

We cannot hope to match the insight or depth of knowledge Kev McVeigh exhibited in last week’s From the Attic post, so we’re not even going to try. We will simply say that our current […]

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In Praise of . . . The Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve published a lot of books over the year-and-a-half SF Gateway has been live. We’ve certainly noticed it – you don’t publish 1,800 books by more than 150 authors without becoming […]

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Happy Birthday, Gregory Benford

Dr Gregory Benford, Professor of Plasma Physics and Astrophysics at the University of California and one of the world’s leading writers of ‘Hard SF‘, was born on this day in 1941. He is perhaps best […]

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Editors’ Choice: A Time of Changes by Robert Silverberg

This week’s Editors’ Choice is Robert Silverberg‘s wonderful A Time of Changes.   In the far future, humanity has spread across the galaxy to worlds that began as colonies, but now feel like home, each […]

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