Kev McVeigh

Readers’ Choice: The Journal of Nicholas the American

Back in March, when the year was young and the trees still bereft of leaves, we hosted a review of Josephine Saxton‘s Vector for Seven, the Readers’ Choice selection of Kev McVeigh, friend of this […]

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May’s Readers’ Choice Winner

It’s that time of the month again, gentlebeings: time to trawl the analytics and see exactly whose favourite book prompted the most people to click through and see what all the fuss was about. So, […]

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This Ain’t Rock’n’ Roll . . .

. . . this is SCIENCE FICTION! OK, so that sounded better when David Bowie did it, but bear with us; we have a point. (No, really) The awesome (and two-time Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner […]

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Readers’ Choice: Vector for Seven

This week’s Readers’ Choice is Josephine Saxton‘s Vector for Seven, and comes from the esteemed Kev McVeigh, purveyor of insightful reviews and tireless champion of the genre. Kev has kindly allowed us to re-publish this […]

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