This Ain’t Rock’n’ Roll . . .

. . . this is SCIENCE FICTION!

OK, so that sounded better when David Bowie did it, but bear with us; we have a point. (No, really)

The awesome (and two-time Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner – did we mention she’s won the  Arthur C. Clarke Award twice?) Pat Cadigan recently nominated Norman Spinrad‘s Little Heroes as a Readers’ Choice, calling it ‘One of the best Rock ‘n’ Roll novels ever written – that just happens to be SF’. So, naturally, we tweeted that.

Cue a response from Kev McVeigh – himself no stranger to our Readers’ Choice spotlight – who replied: ‘the best rock’n’roll novel ever won a World Fantasy AwardGlimpses by Lewis Shiner‘.

So that got us thinking: what is the best SF rock ‘n’ roll novel ever? Is it Little Heroes? Is it Glimpses? Or is it something else? You tell us – in the comments section below, on the Forum, or via Twitter or Facebook – what is the Led Zeppelin IV of science fiction?