Leigh Kennedy

Gateway Essentials: Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1951. After gaining her degree in history, she lived in Austin, Texas, for five years, before emigrating to England in 1985. She has been writing constantly from […]

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ICYMI: From the Attic VIII: Short Stories from the ’80s & ’90s (Mostly)

As previously noted, we will be republishing noted critic and reviewer Kev McVeigh’s ‘From the Attic’ columns over the coming weeks, to give new readers the opportunity to encounter his sage observations on some very […]

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From the Attic VIII: Short Stories From the ’80s & ’90s (Mostly)

Two things: 1. SFF has seemed to me to be the one place where it is as easy to discover new writers in short forms as at length. 2. I love short fiction but it […]

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Readers’ Choice: The Journal of Nicholas the American

Back in March, when the year was young and the trees still bereft of leaves, we hosted a review of Josephine Saxton‘s Vector for Seven, the Readers’ Choice selection of Kev McVeigh, friend of this […]

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