SF Gateway at Eastercon

There will be an SF Gateway presence at the 64th Eastercon this weekend. I will be accompanying my excellent Gollancz colleagues, Gillian Redfearn and Marcus Gipps (and possibly Jon Weir, although his attendance quantum waveform remains tantalisingly uncollapsed at the time of writing this) to the <ahem> sunny climes of Bradford for EightSquaredCon. In addition to haunting the Dealers’ Room, the panels and (let’s face it) the bar, I will be moderating a panel on Sunday at 13:00 (that’s 13 o’clock for those of you who . . . never mind).

The topic is Advice for Writers: Setting and Environment, and I have the privilege of being joined by Aliette de Bodard, Chris Beckett, Simon Morden and Gaie Sebold, who have between them won or been nominated for the BSFA Award, Edge Hill Prize, John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, Philip K. Dick Award, World Fantasy Award, the Hugo and the Nebula Award. They are all very talented and very clever and you should come along and listen to them, if you’re (a) at Eastercon and (b) in anyway interested in the craft of writing.

Also in attendance, barring last-minute changes of plans, will be Stephen Baxter, Paul McAuley and Christopher Priest – all current frontlist authors for Gollancz, but also denizens of planet Gateway by virtue of their rich backlists.

So whether you’re attending EightSquaredCon or not, enjoy your Easter; after all: a rabbit that lays chocolate eggs – what could be more science fictional than that?