1670 and Counting

Today is the last SF Gateway publication day for 2012. As the clock runs down on 31st December (as it certainly will, despite what a disappointing number of staggeringly ignorant people might think), the SF Gateway will end the year with 1,670 titles published.  Given that we only launched as an imprint and publishing entity in September of last year, we think that’s a pretty impressive number.

It’s been a lot of hard work but when we look at the huge number of classic SF & fantasy titles that had been out of print for many years, but are now available once again, it makes it all worthwhile. We’d like to thank you all for your support over the last twelve months – and, indeed, since launch.

To those of you who have bought our books, written about the site, tweeted and retweeted our links (and our silliness) – and also those of you who have pointed out problems with the site or with our eBooks, enabling us to improve both: a huge thank you. We certainly appreciate you reading and discussing our books, and we hope that we’ve helped you to reacquaint yourselves with old favourites and maybe discover some new ones.

Happy reading and see you in 2013.