Vintage Cover Lucky Dip

The scanning process for eBook conversion can be rather unkind on the original source book, but it does mean that we have a rather fantastic collection of old covers saved for a rainy day.


Behold, the Magical Mystery Box of Magnificence!

Magical Mystery Box of Covers

It contains gems such as dinosaurs riding dolphins through the desert and a wonderful array of disembodied heads (illustrations, not actual disembodied heads – I think management would have something to say if it were the latter). Today’s post features old covers for titles coming to you in the near future, from authors such as R. A Lafferty, Richard Lupoff, the prolific Lionel Fanthorpe, A. Bertram Chandler and the multi-award-winning Poul Anderson.

Sometimes these old covers just raise so many questions. Without reading the blurb, what would you think they were about?

Covers - Aurelia and Before 12:01