Gateway Welcomes the Lensmen – As They Were Meant to Be Seen!

A few months ago we wished legendary SF cover artist Chris Foss a very happy birthday. Now, we have a present for all who love his art. We’re delightewd to announce that E E ‘Doc’ […]

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Happy Birthday, Chris Foss!

Today is the future’s birthday. Well, not quite, but for SF fans of a certain vintage, one name is synonymous with the look of the future – at least, the look of the spaceships of […]

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Cover Reveal: Neuromancer!

Back in the winter of 2015, when the world was a gentler, simpler place, we announced the return of William Gibson’s Neuromancer to its original UK publisher – indeed, to its original UK editor! Gollancz, […]

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Cover Reveal: Swords, Swords and More Swords!

Here’s a spot quiz for you. We’ve listed a number of extremely complimentary descriptions of a certain trilogy from some very well respected figures in the field. All you have to do is guess what […]

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Vintage Cover Lucky Dip

The scanning process for eBook conversion can be rather unkind on the original source book, but it does mean that we have a rather fantastic collection of old covers saved for a rainy day.   […]

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Good Show Sir! Servants of the W…

We’ve mentioned before our deep and abiding affection for Good Show Sir, the site dedicated to reminding us of SF’s glorious (and, ocassionally, not so glorious) past when it comes to book covers. For reasons […]

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