SF Gateway omnibus

Robert Holdstock: An Anniversary Remembrance

Yesterday was publication day for another four SF Gateway omnibuses – more classic novels returned to print by such giants of the field as Clifford D. Simak (eBook | trade paperback), John Sladek (eBook | […]

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The SF Gateway Omnibuses

It is our dedicated mission in life to transform the SF & Fantasy shelves of your local bookshops into an unbroken sea of yellow. Of course, the new SF Masterworks are a sort of yellow […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus Schedule 2013

Following a deluge of requests** we have decided to publish the schedule of SF Gateway omnibuses up to the end of the year. So, without further ado . . . Available Now Frank Herbert – […]

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Announcing the SF Gateway Omnibuses

Enter the SF Gateway . . . Towards the end of 2011, in conjunction with the celebration of fifty years of coherent, continuous science fiction and fantasy publishing, Gollancz launched the SF Gateway with a view […]

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