Kate Wilhelm

SF Gateway Author of the Month: Kate Wilhelm

November’s Author of the Month is one of modern science fiction’s most influential figures. Kate Wilhelm has been nominated for the John W. Campbell, James Tiptree, Jr and World Fantasy Awards, won the Nebula Award […]

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From the Attic: An Introduction

Perhaps it is the position of science fiction on the periphery of mainstream fiction that makes it so open to borrowing from elsewhere, from physics and fairy tales, from philosophy, folklore and myth.  And perhaps […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus Schedule 2013

Following a deluge of requests** we have decided to publish the schedule of SF Gateway omnibuses up to the end of the year. So, without further ado . . . Available Now Frank Herbert – […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Winner of the Hugo Award for best novel The Sumner family can read the signs: the droughts and floods, the blighted crops, the shortages, the rampant diseases and plagues, and, above all, the increasing sterility […]

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