Published Today!

We’re trying out a new idea on the SF Gateway blog: a list of recently published titles. It should be stressed that this is just a list – it’s not hyperlinked because that would have to be done manually and, with the number of titles we publish, that would simply eat up too much time.

But we’re interested in your feedback. Is this a useful service to you? Would it help if we hyperlinked to the author pages, at least? (Still a time-consuming task, but more manageable than linking to each individual book.) Do please let us know; we want to make this site as useful to our readers as possible, and other innovations – such as the downloadable complete title listing and the list of Authors in whose work we have North American rights – have come about as a direct result of your requests, so send us your thoughts on email, via Twitter, Facebook or the Forum. To paraphrase Dr Frasier Crane: we’re listening.


Titles Published 31st May 2013

Mid-Flinx  Alan Dean Foster
The Candle of Distant Earth  Alan Dean Foster
The Enemy of My Enemy  Avram Davidson
Star Rider  Doris Piserchia
Eclipsing Binaries  E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith and Stephen Goldin
Hammer and Anvil  Harry Turtledove
Doctor Mirabilis  James Blish
The Star Dwellers  James Blish
Cycle of Nemesis  Kenneth Bulmer
Cache from Outer Space  Philip José Farmer
The Longest Way Home  Robert Silverberg
Wizard’s Eleven  Sheri S. Tepper
The Spawn of the Death Machine  Ted White
Star Wolf!  Ted White