E.E. 'Doc' Smith

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E. E. 'Doc' Smith (1890 - 1965)
Edward Elmer Smith was born in Wisconsin in 1890. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated with degrees in chemical engineering; he went on to attain a PhD in the same subject, and spent his working life as a food engineer. Smith is best known for the 'Skylark' and 'Lensman' series of novels, which are arguably the earliest examples of what a modern audience would recognise as Space Opera. Early novels in both series were serialised in the dominant pulp magazines of the day: Argosy, Amazing Stories, Wonder Stories and a pre-Campbell Astounding, although his most successful works were published under Campbell's editorship. Although he won no major SF awards, Smith was Guest of Honour at the second World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, in 1940. He died in 1965.


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triplanetary_140px first_lensman_140px galactic_patrol_140px grey_lensman_140px second-stage_lensmen_140px children_of_the_lens_140px
Triplanetary (1948) First Lensman
Galactic Patrol
Grey Lensman
Second-stage Lensmen
Children of the Lens
The Vortex Blaster



skylark_of_space_the_140px skylark_three_140px skylark_of_valeron_140px skylark_duquesne_140px
The Skylark of Space
Skylark Three (1948) Skylark of

Skylark DuQuesne (1965)


Family D'Alembert

imperial_stars_140px stranglers-_moon_140px clockwork_traitor_the_140px appointment_at_bloodstar_140px omicron_invasion_the_140px revolt_of_the_galaxy_140px
Imperial Stars (1976) Stranglers' Moon
The Clockwork Traitor
Appointment at Bloodstar
The Omicron Invasion
Revolt of the Galaxy


Other titles

lord_tedric_140px subspace_encounter_140px
Lord Tedric
Subspace Encounter


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