Author Spotlight: Tanith Lee

A pall was cast over last week with the news that Tanith Lee had passed away. An extraordinary writer, in terms of  both the breadth and quality of her work, Tanith Lee was a World and British Fantasy Award-winner, a World Horror Grandmaster and recipient of the World Fantasy and Bram Stoker Awards for life achievement. She wrote SF, horror and fantasy for children and adults; she was a poet; she wrote for radio and television (penning two episodes of seminal late 70s SF series Blake’s 7). It seems only right, therefore, that we make Tanith Lee our spotlight author on the Gateway site, and attempt to celebrate her career even as we mourn her absence.

At times such as these, we are moved to seek out and read (or re-read) these writers who were taken from us too soon. The solace many have taken, recently, in reading books by Graham Joyce or Terry Pratchett, for instance, is clearly very real; and while we would all rather we were reading them for a very different reason, we can think of no more fitting way in which to remember these great writers. The writer may be gone, but the work remains, always.

We have decided, in light of the above, to reduce the prices on all of our Tanith Lee eBooks, to make it that little bit easier for those inclined to pay tribute to the author through her work. There is little enough we can do under tragic circumstances, but we can at least do that. We hope it helps.