SF Masterwork of the Week: Half Past Human


A novel of dystopian future in the tradition of Soylent Green and H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

Tinker was a good citizen of the Hive – a model worker. But when he was allowed sexual activation he found Mu Ren who, like him, harboured forbidden genes. And so began the cataclysm.

But in a world where half-wild humans are hunted for sport – and food – can anyone overthrow the Hive? Greater by far than its stunted, pink-blooded citizens, the Hive is more than prepared to rise and crush anyone who challenges its supremacy . . .


Shortlisted for the 1972 Nebula Award.

New introduction by Ken MacLeod.

Half Past Human is available as an SF Masterworks paperback and an SF Gateway eBook. You can read more about T.J. Bass in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.