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Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon

A collection of Silverberg’s best short fiction, as selected by the author. The 1950s: The Road to Nightfall, The Macauley Circuit, Sunrise on Mercury, Warm Man. The 1960s: To See the Invisible Man, Flies, Passengers, Nightwings, Sundance. The 1970s: Good News from the Vatican, Capricorn Games, Born with the Dead, Schwartz Between the Galaxies. The 1980s: The Far Side of the Bell-Shaped Curve, The Pope of the Chimps, Needle in a Timestack, Sailing to Byzantium, Enter a Soldier. Later, Enter Another. The 1990s: Hunters in the Forest, Death Do Us Part, Beauty in the Night. The 2000s: The Millennium Express, With Caesar in the Underworld.


The Collected Stories Volume 4: Trips (1972 – 1973) Winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards, Robert Silverberg is one of the all time greats of science fiction. A professional writer for more than half a century, his short story output has been prolific and exceptional in quality. This series of nine volumes will collect all of the short stories and novella-length that SF Grand Master Silverberg wants to take their place on the permanent shelf. Each volume will be roughly 150,000-200,000 words, with classics and lesser known gems alike. The author has also graced us with a lengthy introduction and extensive story notes for each tale. Contents: In the Group Getting Across Ms. Found in an Abandoned Time Machine The Science Fiction Hall of Fame A Sea of Faces The Dybbuk of Mazel Tov IV Breckenridge and the Continuum Capricorn Games Ship-Sister, Star-Sister This is the Road Trips Born with the Dead Schwartz Between the Galaxies In the House of Double Minds
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