In Lieu of Valentine’s Day: Spam of the Month!

Actually, potentially Spam of the Year!

As with most blogs, we get a lot of spam in our comments. Luckily, our filter catches almost all of it and quarantines the rogue comments until we can dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner. Usually, it is semi-coherent rubbish and blatant attempts to harvest email addresses or sell . . . horrible things. But sometimes . . .  sometimes, it approaches poetic brilliance. We’d like to share just such an instance with you.

It’s like someone put a haiku, a holiday brochure and a business card into the Cern supercollider and this is what came out:

1 ⅼife sized herons rᥱlocate amongst the online maples,
palmettоs, sea cerealѕ, and meadow bright lawn in this scene coming from the entrance gates to tһe Ocan Area at The Shrine” great bistro at the Kiawah Island Sea Resort. John Boyd Johnson Metal Studios at.

I think there’s something there for all for us.