The King of the Swords

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780575109674

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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

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Prince Corum Jhaelin Irsei: the Eternal Champion.

With his plane at war with itself, thanks to the machinations and magic of Chaos, Prince Corum, his beloved Rhalina and the eternal companion Jhary-a-Conel must travel to the last five planes to confront Mabelode, the King of the Swords.

Joining forces with other aspects of the Eternal Champion – Elric and Ereköse – Corum must rescue Rhalina from the Chaos Lord’s minions before attempting to defeat the King of the Swords and free his plane from its madness. But the stakes are also personal for Corum, for the captain who commands the forces of chaos is the same savage Mabden who slaughtered Corum’s family…