Moon Base One

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781473229808

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In Operation Columbus a landing was made on the Moon. But the mystery of those sinister domes that had suddenly appeared there – and of the evil grey mist that gathered so unaccountably now and then – was as far from a solution as ever. There was only one possible course of action: to establish a permanent base. And once that was decided there wasn’t much doubt that young Chris Godfrey would be sent to man it.

But this time he isn’t alone in his rocket. His old friends Serge and Norrey are with hi,’ and he’s got a new friend – young Tony whose very life may depend on the expedition’s success. In charge of the whole fantastic project is Sir Leo Frayling, cold-blooded and ruthless as ever; and, of course, Sir George Benson and Whiskers Greatrex play their part too.

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