A for Anything

A for Anything

We call it a gismo.
That’s right, a gismo.

A bit difficult to describe. Like a cross, I suppose, without the top part. Sort of two arms on a stand.

What happens is this. You hang something on one arm. Anything at all. A watch, a bracelet, money, anything. I supposed you could hang a locomotive on, only it’s a bit heavy.

But anyway you hang something on and there on the opposite arm appears an exact replica. And I mean exact.

You can’t tell the difference.

So nobody need make anything any more. What you need you hang on the gismo. No work. No want. No starvation. No nothing.

When you’ve got a gismo, you’ve got everything.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 29th September 2011

Price: £2.99

ISBN-13: 9780575111233