William Hope Hodgson

Gateway Essentials: William Hope Hodgson

William Hope Hodgson, the son of an Essex clergyman, spent eight years at sea as a merchant seaman, sailing around the world three times and receiving the Royal Humane Society’s medal for saving a life […]

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Robert Silverberg’s Reflections: June 2016

    ‘Where Silverberg goes today, the rest of science fiction will follow tomorrow’ Isaac Asimov   Reflections is a regular column by multi-award-winning SFWA Grandmaster Robert Silverberg, in which he will offer his thoughts […]

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New Title Spotlight: The House on the Borderland

What better way to mark the transition from 2015 to 2016 than with this remarkable classic tale of a house that exists in two worlds . . .   A manuscript is found: filled with […]

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