The Encyclopedia of Fantasy!

Not content with providing just short of 4 million words of SFnal scholarship, the team behind The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has decided to make available the 1.2 million words of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy.

The editors are at pains to point out that this is the 1997 text and, as such, shouldn’t be taken as being up-to-date. So, you won’t for instance, find extensive detail on A Song of Ice and Fire, since the first book, A Game of Thrones, wasn’t published until 1996 and the series didn’t really take off, commercially speaking, until after The Encyclopedia of Fantasy was published – but you’ll still find interesting background on George R. R. Martin that isn’t necessarily in his SFE entry.

And with that much-anticipated film by that New Zealand fellow – what is his name? – soon to reach our cinemas, we’re sure there’s something interesting you can look up . . .