RIP David Hartwell

What a horrible way to start the day.

As announced by Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Making Light, and subsequently reported by Locus, legendary Tor editor David Hartwell has passed away. I won’t attempt to summarise his incredible career – that is better left to Locus and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (and, no doubt, scores of people who knew him better than I will add their own eulogies).  I would just note that I was lucky enough to know him and to share conversations when in the city, be it over lunch, drinks or in the green room of a convention.

He was a giant of the field, an editor of inspiration and insight, a mover and shaker of the SF community. But more than that, he was a lovely man, unfailingly polite, engaging, witty and a genuine pleasure to spend time with. I wish I’d known him better.

All our sympathies go out to his family and friends.