Readers’ Choice: Joe Haldeman’s Mindbridge

This week’s Readers’ Choice is Mindbridge by Joe Haldeman, which was recommended by one of SF Gateway‘s stalwart Twitter correspondents, @tanj666. It was he, you might remember, got out of the blocks quicker than anyone else to give us our first Readers’ ChoiceAlan Dean Foster‘s Icerigger – back at the start of February.

It’s an excellent choice for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it does exactly what we’d hoped Readers’ Choice would do when we instigated it: spotlight interesting books that aren’t necessarily thought of as the author in question’s milestone works. Secondly, because it gives us an excellent excuse to sing the praises of a multi-award-winning writer. ‘How many awards?’ you say? We’re glad you asked. Joe Haldeman has won five Hugo Awards, five Nebulas, a World Fantasy Award, a James Tiptree, Jr Award and  a John W. Campbell Memorial Award as well as well as sixteen others that the SFADB doesn’t classify as ‘major awards’.

The Forever War won both the Hugo and Nebula, as did loose sequel Forever Peace (which also won the Campbell); Camouflage won the Nebula and the Tiptree; and Mindbridge was nominated for the Hugo but lost out to Kate Wilhelm‘s Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, which – we’re sure you’ll agree – is no disgrace.

So. Joe Haldeman: this week’s Readers’ Choice – and frequently the judges’ and voters’ choice when it comes to award time.