Publication Day: Lavondyss

It wasn’t intended as this week’s theme, but today’s post is the third in a row involving a much-loved author who was taken far too soon.

We’ve written many times about how well-loved and admired Robert Holdstock is at Gollancz – you can find examples here and here and here and, indeed, here – so on this occasion, we’re simply going to say how delighted we are to be publishing a new Fantasy Masterworks edition of one of Rob’s finest work:



The gorgeous cover is by Grzegorz Domaradzki, as art directed by Graeme Langhorne. Lavondyss is published today as a Fantasy Masterworks paperback and a Gateway eBook and contains a new introduction by Lisa Tuttle.


The riders had gone, clattering up the path to the castle and the woods beyond. But long after the pyre had burned to ash the boy was still crouched within the shrine cave, following with his gaze the trail of the drifting smoke, out across the forest, to the distance, to the setting sun, to the unknown regions of the west.

He wondered how to journey there.