Updated Gateway Schedule

And lo! The people spake unto the SF Gateway and said: ‘Oy! Didn’t you promise to update the downloadable schedule every month?!’

And the SF Gateway was troubled, for truly it had promised exactly that.

And then the SF Gateway said unto the people: ‘ . . . Yeah, fair enough. Hold on a sec.’

And there was the sound of great thunder and fury (which, to the untrained ear, bore an uncanny resemblance to the clacking of fingers on a keyboard. But really wasn’t.) and eventually the SF Gateway returned and said, in a voice both mighty and puissant: ‘There you go. All up-to-date, now.’

And the people were happy, and the SF Gateway wrote in words of fire in the sky (which, again, to the uninitiated, looked remarkably like upper case letters in a red font):



Here endeth the update.