None More Social

The SF Gateway is delighted to announce that, starting immediately, we’ll be working with ace online consultancy STweM to ensure the best possible focus to our social media. STweM’s core business area is healthcare, but founder Andrew Spong is a long-time fan of classic science fiction, as can be seen from his excellent SF Masterworks review site, which he started in 2005. The way we see it, this represents the best of both worlds: we get expertise from an entirely different industry (thus sidestepping the but-that’s-how-we-always-do-it-in-publishing trap) but that expertise is delivered through the filter of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable reader. Win-win.

This new development isn’t intended to replace SF Gateway’s current social media approach (you haven’t heard the last of the SF limericks and haiku!), but to add to it. It’s all part of our goal to make this site the best place on the internets to discuss classic SF & Fantasy. We hope you’ll continue to visit us here at All of Time and Space and on the SF Gateway site and forums, and to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and the brand new SF Gateway Pinterest page. And if what we’re saying on these platforms is interesting, please tell your friends; if it’s not – please tell us!