In Praise of . . . Galactic Journey

Your friendly neighbourhood SF Gateway received an email last week. Nothing unusual about that, of course, except . . . this one appeared to originate in the past. Exactly 55 years in the past, to be precise.

The sender thanked us for our work in returning classic SF to availability (a pleasure!) and wondered if we might care to take a look at his website, where . . . well, let’s let him tell us in his own words:

Imagine living through the post-Golden Age of science fiction and fantasy. What would it be like to experience this journey at the plodding, one day per day pace?

Galactic Journey is a blog written from the point of view of someone living in the past writing about then-contemporary science fiction and fantasy, particularly fiction found in magazines.

What is this madness? Has the writer lost his mind? Or is he lost in time? Perhaps the former, by accident, and perhaps the latter, deliberately. In truth, he lives in the same time as you. In 2009, he embarked on a chronological tour of his voluminous science fiction digest collection at a pace mirroring the march of time, but delayed 55 years. Thus, in February 2009, he began reading the April editions of the magazines he had in his collection.

After four and a half years at this entertaining project, it dawned upon him that he might enjoy sharing the experience with others. If you like it, do let him know!

~ from the website Galactic Journey

So, what are you waiting for?! Don’t hang around here – go and visit Galactic Journey! It’s an incredible site, chronicling an amazing undertaking. Frankly, we could lose days on it, if we’re not careful.

We hope to have an interview with this mysterious time traveller very soon, but until then: go forth and join him on his . . . galactic journey!