There Must Be Something in the Water

As has been noted a number of times, we’re big fans of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and especially its excellent On This Day feature. If you want an instant run-down of births, deaths and anniversaries in the SF world, there’s simply no substitute. The SF Gateway is a regular visitor, and we almost always come away with at least one interesting nugget of information. And every now and then, we find a day that seems to have been sprinkled with a little bit of stardust.

July 26th seems to have been one of those days. How about this for a roll call of births:

1856: George Bernard Shaw
1894: Aldous Huxley
1919: James Lovelock
1928: Stanley Kubrick
1945: M. John Harrison

So, are there any conclusions we can draw from this? Well . . . not really. But if you ever want to film a dystopian play based on a beautifully-written novel about the Gaia Theory, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that the 26th July has you covered.