Gender in Science Fiction, a BBC Radio 4 Documentary

Mary ShelleyTomorrow BBC Radio 4 is airing a documentary that explores how science fiction tackles issues of gender. This accompanying article from the BBC highlights ten brilliant and influential female SF authors. From Mary Shelley, often credited with founding the science fiction genre with Frankenstein (1818), and Ursula K. Le Guin, who has “nourished the sci-fi and fantasy genre with piercing visions of race, gender, ecology and politics”, to Connie Willis – one of the most decorated SF writers of all time – and James Tiptree, Jr., who was “explosively influential” and has a literary prize named in her honour. These women have left – and, indeed, continue to leave – a substantial mark on the landscape of genre fiction.


Herland airs on BBC Radio 4 on 28 January 2016 at 11.30am. We’ll certainly be listening in!