Happy Birthday, Greg Bear!

Multiple Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Greg Bear turns 64 today. The author of such seminal Big Dumb Object novels as The Forge of God and Eon, bio-thriller Blood Music, claustrophobic space adventure Hull Zero Three and Stapledonian epic The City at the End of Time was born on this day in 1951.

Bear has moved Mars, tuned in to Darwin’s Radio, built on Asimov’s Foundations and pretty much mastered every subgenre he set out to explore. He is very much a giant of the modern field and we at Gollancz and SF Gateway are delighted to be his publishers.

And in addition to his own prodigious and decorated output, Greg Bear has another connection to SF Gateway: he is the son-in-law of the late great Poul Anderson, author of such SF classics as the Flandry of Terra novels, The High Crusade, the Psychotechnic League, the Time Patrol . . . we could go on but this post is supposed to be about Greg Bear not Poul Anderson, so we’ll keep that powder dry for another day.

Happy Birthday, Greg Bear – may you keep us in great books for many years to come!