Happy Birthday, Stephen Baxter!

We are delighted to be wishing a very Happy Birthday to Gollancz’s very own Stephen Baxter, author extraordinaire, collaborator-to-the-stars, celebrity Liverpool supporter and one of the secret cabal of illuminati known only as The SF Gateway Advisory Board.

Steve is the author of (among many other works) the Xeelee and Time’s Tapestry sequences, the NASA Trilogy, the Disaster Diptych, the Time Odyssey trilogy with Sir Arthur C. Clarke and the Long Earth series with Sir Terry Pratchett. His latest work, Ultima, is published in hardback (and eBook) on 27th November, and is a follow-up to the acclaimed Proxima (paperback | eBook).

Six Hugo nominations, seven Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlistings, four BSFA Award wins (from eight nominations), two Philip K. Dick Awards and a John W. Campbell Memorial Award point to a writer at the very top of his game. But what those awards and nominations don’t tell you is that Stephen Baxter is one of the nicest men you could ever ask to meet.

From all your friends at Gollancz and the SF Gateway: Happy Birthday, Steve!