Norman Spinrad by Paul Di Filippo

Over at the excellent Locus magazine website, Paul Di Filippo has some words of praise for one of the great original and confrontational voices of the genre – and a suggestion for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America . . .

Whenever discussion turns to candidates for the next SFWA Grandmaster Award, the name of one author who is fully entitled to such a distinction is notably missing. I refer to Norman Spinrad. After a career that began in 1963—that’s fifty-plus years and counting, folks—and which includes epochal work during the seminal New Wave movement; a continuing stream of top-notch, impassioned, always varied novels and stories thereafter; two stints as SFWA President; and a wealth of critical essays that have helped to elucidate the intellectual and narrative storyspace occupied by fantastika—well, one would think such credits would render the possessor a shoe-in for the honor.

You can read the full article at the Locus website (and we recommend you do), and find Norman Spinrad‘s work via his Author page on the SF Gateway website.