Dave Duncan’s The Great Game Trilogy

Over at E-Reads, agent, author, visionary and publisher extraordinaire, Richard Curtis has some thoughts on Dave Duncan‘s The Great Game trilogy:

In the midst of the horror of the First World War, a stranger falls from nowhere into the mud and death of Flanders battlefield–bruised, babbling, and stark naked with a remarkable story to tell.

Intriguing, n’est-ce pas?  You can read the rest of Richard’s post here, and see what The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has to say about Dave Duncan, here. There is a longer, more detailed – if less up-to-date – entry in the 1997 Encyclopedia of Fantasy text, which the SFE editors have made available, and you can read that here.

SF Gateway publishes thirty of Dave Duncan‘s books, including the Great Game trilogy – Past Imperative, Present Tense and Future Indefinite – which have under licence from E-Reads. You can find more of them at Dave Duncan’s author page.