SF Gateway Author of the Month: Harry Harrison

And so here we are! The defining moment in SF Gateway’s existence. The point to which future historians will look back in times to come and . . . er . . . poke fun at our hyperbole, probably. In our defence, though, we are pretty excited by the changes that take place this month.

As noted a couple of weeks ago on this very blog, we have decided to implement a couple of changes on the SF Gateway website, and the headline change is that our Author of the Week spotlight is now Author of the Month. And the very first Author of the Month is the late, great Harry Harrison: the acclaimed author of Deathworld, Bill, the Galactic Hero, the Eden series, Make Room! Make Room! (filmed as Soylent Green) and that larger-than-life rogue of the spaceways: James Bolivar ‘Slippery Jim’ diGriz – better known to the galaxy at large as The Stainless Steel Rat.

Few authors can match his breadth, as the list above shows. From SF comedy to intricate alternate history, from light-hearted action to claustrophobic dystopian futures, Harry Harrison defied categorisation; he simply wrote great books. We’re lucky enough to have the rights to almost all of them – there are currently almost four dozen available as SF Gateway eBooks, with more in production or checking – and for February only, every individual title* will be available at the popular price of £2.99!

We hope that this special price will persuade readers unfamiliar with Harry Harrison’s work to give him a try (see his SF Gateway author page for recommended titles to start with) and persuade those who already count themselves fans to try some of his less well-known titles.

Please note that, for the moment at least, this is a UK-only promotion.  It may eventually be taken up by our colleagues in other markets, but we’re test-driving it in the UK for now.


* N.B. The Stainless Steel Rat Collection will remain at its usual price of £14.99 – which already lower than £2.99 per title.