by Edmund Cooper

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It lay in the grass, tiny and white and burning. He stooped, put out his fingers. And then there was nothing. Nothing but darkness and oblivion. A split second demolition of the world of Richard Avery.
From a damp February afternoon in Kensington Gardens, Avery is precipitated into a world of apparent unreason. A world in which his intelligence is tested by computers, and which he is finally left on a strange tropical island with three companions, and a strong human desire to survive.

But then the mystery deepens: for there are two moons in the sky, and the rabbits have six legs, and there is a physically satisfying reason for the entire situation.



  1. geeohgeegeeoh
    choices, choices. do you take the blue pill, or the red pill? or, pick up that gittering jewel in the grass? Another odd sexual element story from Cooper, who must have had some sense of dirt in his own closet, the number of times he brings it into plotlines for others...

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