Lord Valentine's Castle

by Robert Silverberg

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Set in an immense world teeming with alien races and fantastic, almost magical, machinery, Valentine, an itinerant juggler, wakes up one morning with only a vague and troubled idea of who he is. He gradually discovers, through dreams and portents, that he is in fact his namesake: Lord Valentine, the Coronal, his body and throne stolen by a usurper.

Across the giant world of Majipoor, Valentine sets out on a quest to win back his throne - and discover which of his enemies has the power to vanquish him so utterly from not just his throne, but his very life . . .

(First published 1980)



  1. Lord Foul
    One of the very great Fantasy classics from the 80s and, for me with, Terry Brooks, rekindled my love of fantasy fiction. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS ONE!
  2. ansehelm
    A true classic. The world of Majipoor and its strange society is one of the best-realised in all of sci-fi/fantasy. Add to this some terrific characterisation and a clever,exciting plot and you've got all the ingredients necessary for a great read. An old friend it's always a joy to revisit.
  3. shaunm1963
    Breathtaking, immersive, powerful. The lands of Zimroel, Alhanroel and Suvrael and the 'people' that inhabit the diverse habitats are presented with such colour and detail the mind has no trouble visualising. The plot wonderful and the ending uplifting. Fantastic!
  4. Danceswithcats
    Beautiful. Just lovely, and the follow up short story collection is even better, like deepening a new friendship.

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