Hot-Wired Dodo, The : Wonderland Gambit

by Jack L. Chalker

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Reality wasn't what it used to be. Life after life, as man, woman, and child, Cory Maddox was trapped in an endless cycle of ever-changing realities, on the run from his ruthless companions and from the shadowy figures that seemed to exist outside the increasingly unstable matrix.

As each new world proved increasingly bizarre, Cory wanted nothing more than to find the way home. Fragments of knowledge - a mysterious UFO crash, alien technology, glimpses of a computer that was controlling his fate - all pointed toward Matthew Brand, the virtual reality genius. But Brand had vanished long ago, into, or perhaps beyond, the borders of reality.

To break the cycle of cyber-reincarnation, Cory had to find Brand - before the actions of his enemies destroyed reality altogether . . .


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