Castle of the Winds, The : THE WINTER OF THE WORLD

by Michael Scott Rohan

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Centuries before the building of the Great Causeway, when the enveloping Ice seems to be in retreat, the lands of the North and South are on uneasy terms. War appears to be inevitable. But there is still some trade between them, particularly for the peerless weapons created by the Northern mastersmiths.

In one small town, Kunrad, one young mastersmith, has carved out a reputation as a fine armourer. Helped by his two apprentices, the ox-like Olvar and the silver-tongued Gille, Kunrad has created the greatest suit of armour ever made: armour fit for a hero or a king.

When that armour is stolen by a powerful Southern lord, Kunrad has only one concern - to regain it. And so begins an epic journey of discovery, filled with danger, magic - and love.


Titles in this series

  1. Anvil of Ice, The by Michael Scott Rohan
  2. Castle of the Winds, The by Michael Scott Rohan
  3. Forge in the Forest, The by Michael Scott Rohan
  4. Hammer of the Sun, The by Michael Scott Rohan
  5. Shadow of the Seer by Michael Scott Rohan
  6. Singer and the Sea, The by Michael Scott Rohan


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