by Kenneth Bulmer

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At last as they reached out through the ghostly transparencies of the galaxy the men from Earth encountered an alien race completely non-human in appearance. They were the real aliens. Their physiology differed gruesomely from Terrans' - could men hope their psychology would not?

The Unknown Non Human Aliens - the Unha - replied to peace overtures with immediate hostility. So, reluctantly, the men from Earth forged a weapon of awesome power. Created out of the shattered bodies of men and women - men like Siegfried Ritter, Giuseppe Tozzi and Eugene Valois - Blazon set fire to the Galaxy.

For Doctor Marjorie Rothwell the existence of Blazon challenged the basic assumptions forced on humanity by alien intransigence; but the action-packed story of Blazon does more than explore the running sore of human aggression in its understanding of human sacrifice.



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