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The Solarians

The Solarians

Earth was programmed for destruction in the mad war of the computer worlds – unless the Solarians could stop the machines! Three hundred years ago the Solarians retreated to the safety of their Fortress as Earth became embroiled in the first of the computer wars with the dread Duglaari Empire. The Solarians’ final word to all humanity was a promise to reappear one day and bring it to victory. Suddenly, with Earth on the verge of becoming a helpless victim of the merciless Duglaars, the Solarians made contact with Fleet Commander Jay Palmer. It was an offer of aid. But the Solarians’ plan was so cunning, so fraught with danger, that Jay faced the greatest decision of his life – and that of Earth’s: Accept their ingenious strategy as a stroke of genius or reject it as a trick designed to destroy human life forever.
Seed of Light

Seed of Light

TEN MEN AND WOMEN ESCAPED IN THE STARSHIP – THE ONLY HOME THEY WOUKD KNOW FOR GENERATIONS – THE SEED FROM WHICH THEY WOULD BUILD A NEW RACE. The Solarian was a hundred metres high and, at its broadest point, twenty metres in diameter. It was designed to carry an initial crew of ten people – five men and five women – with provisions for subsequent children. Yet in that vast hull every cubic metre of space was indispensable, for the ship was a self-contained world, required to support human life independently for centuries. No member of the crew, male or female, could regard themselves as a separate entity, an individual personality. But each person was a part of a total life-unit, a dedicated nucleus that might one day expand into a tribe; that might, phoenixlike, bring forth a new human race.
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