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The Gholan Gate

The Gholan Gate

DOORWAY TO UTOPIA “Beyond that curtain of darkness lies paradise.” That was the promise of the doorway known as the Gholan Gate, a doorway so ancient that its makers had vanished millions of years before the first Earthly life crawled out of the primeval oceans. It was still functioning in the possession of its discoverers. To go through it was to enter a universe where all your dreams came true – where your every wish was obeyed, every fantasy became reality, where you could play God to your heart’s content. But there was a price, for once beyond the Gholan Gate, you would live only in hopes for a second visit, and a third. . . . And to get the right for that return to paradise a man would sell his soul, his people, his world. Cap Kennedy entered THE GHOLAN GATE once . . . and the result became cosmic history.
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